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About Me

Angela's passion for acting started during her childhood, growing up in South London, watching black and white movies with her sisters. Then leading her sisters performing plays for their parents.

It wasn´t until 2011 that Angela would be able to realise this secret dream. Once her children had grown up, she embarked on an intensive acting course at Brian Timoneys Actors Studio.

Since then she has gained credits in short films, TV commercials and stage productions including the recent So U Think I´m Crazy & Last Of Her Days.

Angela also has a leading role in the award winning web series "Dear Jesus" and many more.

For all Castings please contact:

15 The Fairway, SS9 4QN
Phone: 01702 522647
Mobile: 07976 547066
E-mail: info@rsm.uk.net
WWW: www.rsm.uk.net